adding an account from another bank problem

When i try to add an account from another bank to my hello bank app it says "This function is temporary unavailable please try again later"

However this feature works on my brother iPhone but because i have an Android it doesn't work 


Can you please help me

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Hi @Hadym,

You can add accounts on the Hello App whether you are on Android or IOS.
However, it’s no longer possible to add Belfius accounts because they have decided not to collaborate with us.
And some customers have difficulty adding ING accounts.
This incident is known and under investigation, don’t worry.

I hope this information will help you.

Have a nice day! :relaxed:


Unfortunately when i click the "add account from another back" option it says  "This function is temporary unavailable 

I can't get to the menu it only shows the error and not the available banks that i can link to hello bank


In this case, could you check that there isn’t a software update to do please?
You need to go to your device settings.


Either you will have direct information about a software update to do, or you will have to click on 'About the phone' or you will have to click on the 'System' tab.


If there is no more update to be done or if the problem persists, I advise you to contact our Helpdesk on 02 762 20 00 (option 'My online banking').
My colleagues are avalaible on this number from 7am until 10pm during the week and on Saturdays from 9am until 5pm.


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