App slow and user unfriendly

I am just writing to tell you that your app is super slow and completely user unfriendly.

  • more often than not, I type in my password, only to be returned to the start page and asked to type in the password again;
  • there is no quick view - other banking apps that I've used allow you to have a quick overview of your account balance without logging in - so if I just want to find out what my status is - I just need to open the app or swipe the screen;
  • why on Earth do I need to verify my payments to new external accounts with a card reader, when I've already unlocked my phone with my personal code, logged in to an app (that is only installed and accessible on my phone after I've gone through several security steps), with my password (that I had to type in at least twice), to an account that already has a daily limit for transactions????
I have a few other complaints, but I guess they are secondary at this point.

You may want to look into how other banks have resolved similar issues and inspire yourselves. Or just keep frustrating your clients until they've decided to change banks and go for something better tailored for their daily banking needs.

Thank you.

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